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Collecting Christmas Tree

Care Guide

Caring for your Christmas Stockings


As our Christmas stockings are dyed using bright and vibrant colours, to ensure their pristine condition and avoid colour runs, we suggest washing your stockings on a hand wash or a brief 30° cycle.

Always wash with similar colours.

We suggest using colour catchers when washing, in order to avoid discolouration. 

Do not tumble dry. 

Sprucing up your stocking

At, we use a luxurious premium flock finish to personalise our stockings. 

As flock is made of a fibrous fabric, depending on how you store your stockings, the personalised detail may collect lint and other debris. 

We suggest using a lint roller or sticky tape to remove any lint or dust and storing your stockings in a clean and dry environment. 

Following these steps will ensure your stockings are cared for correctly and look as good as new!

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